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For 30 years I wanted to write a book

Fangazoo RK Alker Childrens Author of Funny Kids Books from Lncashire England UK

A personal plot twist presented me with the most unusual opportunity to achieve my dream of writing a book.

After saving 6,000 lives on the NHS front lines, I was injured helping someone, which ended my career on the 999 emergency ambulances.

In recovery from my injuries, I was unable to play with my kids. I engaged my passion to write for them in a wild and whacky adventure where we ran and played together.

It is not all doom and gloom. I have had such fun over the years!

Two decades ago, I left university teaching and found fame as a colourful, whacky chilli grower and champion of local producers from Lancashire.

During the recession, I accepted the challenge to serve on the 999 emergency ambulances.

I am a passionate advocate of learning and literacy. My goal is to help kids grow by writing children’s fiction books that are funny, exciting, engaging and inspirational.

When I am not enjoying time with my family, I write poems and funny fiction books for my kids. I love being transported into imaginary adventures full of heroes, villains and beasties!

As a new voice in children’s fiction, may I share that funny action-adventure book written for my children, with yours?

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RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

My little girls think I am the Best Funny Kids Author in the World.

R.K. Alker is a Famous, Funny, Celebrity Children’s Author, Grower, Cook, Local Food Evangelist and an injured 999 Emergency Ambulanceman. His love for growing chillies made him the country’s highest profile chilli grower, champion of local producers and star of TV, radio and press.

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RK Alker is an author of funny children’s books, a famous chilli grower, cook, local food evangelist and food and drink event specialist from Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, Earth!

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My little girls think R.K. Alker is The World’s Best Kids’ Author.

R.K. Alker is also The Chilliman from Little Green Men a master of The Ancient Lancastrian Art of Ecky Thump! and can be found on Blogger.com & Yell


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